Guardian devil

Posted: 22/12/2010 in Personal
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Day 1
Hello, as your guardian devil, I will take the risk to leak to you some information about what devils love. That way, you can work to avoid joining our camp.For the first day: ‘The devil is in the details’.

Most people think that to go to heaven you need to do great things. We don’t know, what i can assure you is that to get a ticket to hell just don’t do these small things, these small details…

Have a nice day,
best wishes.

Ps: Please don’t send these info to wikileaks .

Day 2
Hell-O again,For day 2, I can tell you this: “Gossip is the devil’s radio”
So when you gossip on someone, you become temporarily the devil’s transmitter.
When you hear someone gossip, you are hearing the devil’s channel.
No matter what the subject of gossip is, no matter if the story behind the gossip is true or not, it is a devil’s channel. And guess what? The more we have listeners and transmitters, the more we are happy; this promotes hate – our currency – between people, and make things harder to fix…

Have a great day,
Your guardian devil

Day 3
Hell-O again,
Today’s leak: “Neutral men (and women;) are the devil’s allies.”
If something is wrong, you should say it. If anyone needs help, you should care even if he doesn’t ask you.
Skipping over things, ignoring them, never taking the initiative, being neutral are things that we promote.
Merry XXXmas :P:P Wahaha! I love being your guardian devil :D
© Assaad Mouawad 2010
  1. elaXap says:

    well my dear guardian devil, it happens to be you’re a guardian angel! 😀

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