Love vs Distance and Time.

Posted: 19/01/2011 in Love, Personal, Philosophy
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I am wondering if love is bended to space and time? When a real love exists between 2 persons, what is its limits? How many Kilometers at maximum can separate them and for how much time? Is there a constant such as: 30 000 000 km.h? which means that love would vanish if the couple are separated by a distance of 3000 km for more than 10 000 h…

Distance cannot separate anyone, Time cannot bend anyone. If feelings are true from the heart, Just close your eyes and you can find your loved one.

Love has nothing to do with Space and Time, It is eternal.

© Assaad Mouawad 2011

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine…. true love is a dimension of now…..beyond time and space…..
    love all…

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