New Spam Technique

Posted: 21/01/2011 in Technology
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Today I was looking for my stats on wordpress, I have done quite well: about 2000 hits in my first month of blogging. However, I discovered that 50 views came from (DON’T VISIT THE LINK)

I thought that I was referred by another blog, so I visited the link to see who has mentioned my blog but the link took me to an ad than to a URL shortener (I guess just to mark and count my visit to the ad)

Well, it is amazing how there are always new techniques to push people to visit ads…

© Assaad Mouawad 2011

  1. Did you suffer any problems from visiting the link other than to have to look at an ad and be counted?

    • Assaad says:

      I am not suffering at all, just they are messing with the site stats, and I wrote the post to warn other bloggers not to visit these sites. One of them contained a spyware…

      • Hi Assad,

        Thanks for relaying your experience on this. It confirmed and clarified what I thought I was experiencing.

        Thanks also for reading on my blog and “Liking” my poem, “From Pain to Gain”.

        FYI, if you want to get the false views removed from your stats, I read on one of the WordPress forums that you can ask WordPress to remove them, as I just did with mine. There is a form you can fill out to make the request at:

        Elaine Danforth

  2. Georges says:

    I had the same thing to my website, its a new spam technique, but its not so recommended if u want to be referenced at google, to best way is to open your website on other known websites as Facebook , linkedin, etc.

    • Assaad says:

      Yep, because site stats and who is visiting your page are private data, so they are not counted as links in google ranking algorithm…

  3. Messina Studio says:

    Same thing to mine – in fact I just visited it and got some dance game for Wii come up on what looked like an amazon page. It was something like 50 hits too from the same URL. What a bummer – I was all excited thinking I got 50 hits!

  4. culthub says:

    This is happening to me too!! It’s quite a recent thing and not really damaging (as far as I know) but very annoying. Thanks for posting, I thought I was going crazy…

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