Posted: 07/02/2011 in Technology
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I have always hated Apple for making just one model and one design for any product: they want all people to have the same phone (iphone), the same PC (mac) etc because it is easier for them to focus on just one model in commercials, maintenance, software and hardware upgrades…

At the airport yesterday, while I was waiting my luggage, I thanked God that I have a ‘special’ travelling bag with different colors and strange form, I have detected it from the very first second it came out. Now imagine that all travelling bags were the same let’s say called iBag, wouldn’t be pain in the ass to check your name on each one before you find your own bag :D? LOL.

I guess that HTC has succeeded in their commercial for phones ‘YOU are different from YOU’, check it out here:

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine….. thank god that we are not apple….otherwise…..identity crisis….love all..

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