Perseverance and the excalibur

Posted: 18/02/2011 in Philosophy
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Have you heard about king Arthur and his legendary sword: the excalibur? – Now this is the legend:

Excalibur: the sword in the stone


The story of the Sword in the Stone is a story about Arthur’s claim to the throne of Britain. According to legend, the Sword was Uther‘s sword, the sword of the High King of Britain. After Uther’s death there is no known heir and the barons are fighting among each other who is to be the next High King of Britain. Merlin, who was Uther counselor, has the sollution: he takes Uther’s sword and with his magic, he runs it into a rock. The one man who is able to draw the sword from the stone again will be the rightfull heir. Many have tried: Lot, Uriens, even Leodegrance and many more, but no one was able to draw the sword. Until one day Sir Ector and his sons Kay and Arthur (not knowing he is not Ector’s real son but fostered by him) come to the place where the sword is captured in the rock, they come for a tournament. Arthur, being squirl to Ector and Kay, has to get Kay a new sword for his one is broken. He passes the rock and draws the sword, which he brings to Ector and Kay. Next, confusion is great, for how could this boy draw the sword from the stone. Then Merlin makes his entrance again and declares that Arthur is Uther’s son. To proof that he places the sword back in the stone and dares anyone to draw it. Again no one succeeds, but Arthur. And so he became High King of Britain at a very young age.

Now let’s imagine the scene again: All who have tried to get the sword -before Arthur- have just tried to pull it from the stone, they want to become kings so fast. What if someone worked on breaking the stone to free the sword? Sure it needs time, but I guess with perseverance anyone can become the king Arthur.

Perseverance can make anyone the king Arthur: work on breaking the stone, to free the sword.

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