Rock am Ring is a rock music festival held annually in Germany along with Rock im Park. I had a chance to assist in the Rock am Ring festival of 2011 that takes place at the Nürburgring racetrack (3,4,5 June 2011) and I am writing this post to share my experience especially that I couldn’t find posts in English about the Rock am Ring festival.

First let me introduce better the festival: it is the biggest in Europe. 3 continuous days of music and 3 nights spent in a tent. 84 bands (Coldplay, 3 Doors dows and Kings of Leon…) and 84000 spectators are enough to make the festival the craziest one can ever imagine.

Here is a list of what someone should know if he want to go to Rock am Ring:

  1. Buy tickets of the festival the earliest possible: I bought them in December-January for 150 euros, because the price went up afterward.
  2. Buy all tickets together: Because I am living in Paris not in Germany, there was a 25 euros-fee to send the tickets from Germany to France but because I was going with my friend, we bought the tickets together (the same invoice -> quantity =2) and we paid once the 25 euros-fee.
  3. Buy a tentNürburgring is a place isolated from the rest of the World and there is a camping site for the festival, so you should have your tent with you. We recommend the 2 seconds tent from Quecha, it was amazing especially under the rain and really easy to install.
  4. Check the weather before you go to the festival:  We didn’t check the weather, and it was a rainy week-end; We weren’t prepared and there were no stores there to buy umbrellas etc…
  5. Transportation: The easiest way to reach Nürburgring is by car, we highly recommend that, because public transportation to the festival sucks. What we did is the following: A train from Paris to Köln (About 3 hours), we spent a day discovering the city, we slept there, the next day – which was the first day of the festival – we went from Köln to Bonn by train (20-30 minutes), from Bonn to Ahrbrück by another train, from Ahrbrück to Adenau Market by bus, from Adenau Market to Nürburgring by another bus. The whole connections from Köln to Nürburgring was about 4 hours! (we left  Köln at 8am to reach the festival at noon on time).
  6. FOOD AND DRINKS: We weren’t prepared for the festival, we thought that we could find many markets at Nürburgring… I repeat one more time: Nürburgring is ISOLATED from the rest of the world. There were many vendors (hot dog, pizza, soft drinks, beer etc…) but prices were so high that we have used all our cash money from the first day! Ex: beer: 5 euros for a small cup, pizza 5 euros for a small piece… We discovered the next day that there was a Subway in the Nürburgring center, that was awesome, but we highly recommend you to bring enough food and drink for 3 days (many people had also their own grill and barbecue)
  7. Cash money: If you want to buy some souvenirs  from the festival (For example: the T-shirt of the festival was 25 euros), think of having enough cash money with you, most of vendors in the festivals didn’t accept credit cards.
  8. Useful stuff for camping: A lighter, a source of light (LED lamp to use it in the tent at night), a swiss knife, a sleeping bag, a small umbrella (depending on the weather) and an earplug 
© Assaad Mouawad 2011

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