Map of Amsterdam

Posted: 20/06/2011 in Maps of cities I've visited
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This is the map of touristic sites I have visited in Amsterdam.
(Click on view larger map to open it in google map and see more details about the placemarks)

  1. When I went to Amsterdam I didn’t have the chance to visit Van Gogh museum (maybe someday when I go back :P) but I went to the Flower Market and spent a couple of hours at Vondelpark. Anyway it’s a pretty cool city, isn’t it? With a pretty good public transportation system, too.

    • Assaad says:

      When I went to Amsterdam, it was in January 2010, it was FREEZING -14 degrees! So better not to ask me about if it’s a pretty cool city or not 😛

  2. ahahah I went last August but on my last day there it was raining a lot 😀

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