One year of blogging stats

Posted: 04/12/2011 in Personal
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It’s been one year when I first started my blogging experience. In my first year, I’ve published 96 posts in 26 categories and 406 tags, got 14862 views, 133 comments approved and 1033 spam comments. 

This means, one post published each 3.8 days got: 1.4 real comment, 10.7 spam comments and 154.8 viewers in average.

Well, blogging belongs to Extremistan:

Coldplay Windows 7 Theme 3,111
Sheep effect (or Herd behavior) 1,391
The vitruvian man 960

These 3 posts have 5462 views aggregated, while the 93 remaining altogether have 6812 views aggregated. (The home page of the blog has 2588 views, making the total of 14862)




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