When I first signed up for facebook, I had only my closest friends as fb friends. Thus I can share whatever comes to my mind. It was better to me than to send a group mail and get lost in replies. The comment system was nice (a forum-like style).

Then, after a while, Facebook became more popular and everybody wanted  to be my friend (it was a kind of impolite to reject a friend request – Today it’s easier with the subscription option). Sharing things became a little bit more difficult, because I was not just sharing to close friends (who basically have the same taste as me), but to ALL friends especially ‘The lurkers ones‘.

Facebook did a great job by creating lists, thus solving (partially) this problem but it was a boring job to sort friends (500 friends at the time) in lists and to choose each time which lists to add to privacy (something impractical) and the most difficult thing is to keep updating lists (well… Relationships change)…

A solution was to say OK, I’ll try to share things to specific people (with best effort). Anyway as time’s passing by, things I share will get hidden by newer posts, and Somebody needs to click the “Show more link” a million of times before reaching them – that practically nobody will ever think of doing it.

Finally, Facebook created timeline. I really like it – I’ve been using it from September. The aim is to transform Facebook into a digital diary.  The good and the bad point is that you can find things easily from the past (Sometime I wonder if it was the same me who posted these things). Now when I share things, I have to ask myself to who am I sharing AND for what period of time. If a post isn’t immortal, I need to come back in the future and kill it by changing its privacy (to only me or to close friends). well I am not that paranoiac, but I care about my privacy and I believe that some posts become nonsense after a period of time.

You can post to some of your friends all of the time, and to all of your friends for some of the time, but you cannot post to all of your friends for all of the time. 😛

Maybe Facebook should add timers to posts, so they will get automatically hidden after a predefined amount of time?


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