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  1. “One for all and all for one;” A very well connected and convivial society.
  2. Everybody is equal, but no body is like someone else. (Each one has his own character)
  3. It’s a minimalist optimum society: adding one smurf is redundant, removing one hurts the society.
  4. All jobs have the same importance and most important: Money doesn’t exist.
  5. They have a lot of fun, they face a lot of troubles but find solution to each one.

This is another self-referential post. It is just a non-sense and it is because I am curious to know what the wordpress will give me when I publish it. In the last 10 posts, WordPress was pushing me to overpass the barrier of 100 posts: “remaining 7 posts to the 100th post Goal”, “remaining 6 posts to the 100th post Goal”, etc…

Well let’s see if it was worth it: (more…)

As I opened VLC to watch a small flash video, I found this:

In the not too distant future, the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. (more…)

A conflict as old as Adam; it is the cause of every war, every greed and every agony; it is the dualism between you and your own self, between your desires and your fears, what you want and what you must. This movie is a reflection for every spectator to identify with, to observe what he/she is really doing to him/herself. (more…)

The best things in life are free

Five jews changed the way we see the world: (more…)