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What he thinks she thinks of him

I’ve just finished reading yesterday  “The social Animal” book by Elliot Aronson. It is really a very good book. It’s an encyclopedia for modern psychology. Covering a very wide range of experiences. I really really enjoy it. When I finished the book, I felt like I don’t need to read anything anymore about Social Psychology! (more…)


An article about modern dating scene can be found here.

Another one trying to model the modern dating game is here.

A conflict as old as Adam; it is the cause of every war, every greed and every agony; it is the dualism between you and your own self, between your desires and your fears, what you want and what you must. This movie is a reflection for every spectator to identify with, to observe what he/she is really doing to him/herself. (more…)

Last week while I was using the metro in Paris, I saw a man reading a book called: “Flowers for Algernon“. I had a strange feeling that I should read this book no matter what, so I bought it immediately on Amazon (using the amazing one-click system). (more…)

La société dans laquelle nous sommes nés repose sur l’égoïsme. Les sociologues nomment cela l’individualisme, alors qu’il y a un mot plus simple: nous vivons dans la société de la solitude. Il n’y a plus de familles, plus de villages, plus de Dieu. Nos ainés nous ont délivrés de toutes ces oppressions et à la place ils ont allumé la télévision.

~Frédéric Beighbeder – L’amour dure trois ans.

In this post, I am going to present Multilevels psychology. The best way to start talking about the subject is by giving an example of 3-levels psychology:  (more…)

This is one of my favorite theories. Here is a presentation about it: