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In software engineering, a software should pass several tests in order to get certified. One of the tests is the exposure to Randomness (Monte Carlo method) ; The software is bombarded by random values as input (the values can be either useful or meaningless) and the results are checked. (more…)


Euro, the currency used by 17 European countries, has made a record vs USD the green buck this week. It is being traded now at the rate of 1.4235$.

Wondering what is the most common value for the euro, I decided to do this small analysis. The aim is to find at which rate the euro has been traded the most in the past years. Here is my work: (more…)

Yesterday, google has created a new initiative called “Chrome for a Cause” that asks you to download a Google-made Chrome extension and notes your tab opening activity and allow you to donate to one of five charities at the end of each day based on your usage. So, just browse the web, and donate to charity. The charities involved in this are: The Nature Conservancy, charity: water, Doctors Without Borders, Un Techo para mi Pais, and Room to Read. Here’s Google’s breakdown of how much you have to browse to donate to the various charities: (more…)