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What he thinks she thinks of him

I’ve just finished reading yesterday  “The social Animal” book by Elliot Aronson. It is really a very good book. It’s an encyclopedia for modern psychology. Covering a very wide range of experiences. I really really enjoy it. When I finished the book, I felt like I don’t need to read anything anymore about Social Psychology! (more…)


Last week while I was using the metro in Paris, I saw a man reading a book called: “Flowers for Algernon“. I had a strange feeling that I should read this book no matter what, so I bought it immediately on Amazon (using the amazing one-click system). (more…)

Warrior of light

One of my favourite writers is Paulo Coelho, and one of my favourite books is “The Manual of the Warrior of Light“. It is not a commercial book, and it is available for free.

Feel free to download it and read it From here. In a next post I will summarize some of my favourite quotes from my favourite book of my favourite writer 🙂