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In a previous post, I explained a methodology I am using to check the current position of the Euro rates against the US dollar in a historical perspective. I have developed a software based on a database from Forex of the euro rates, that can draw the historical frequencies of euro rates against dollar. (more…)

My Euro trip’s map

Posted: 26/05/2011 in Travel
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With this post, I start a new section in my blog: “Travel”. This is one of my favorite hobbies.

Here is my Euro trip map till now. (The map will be always updated automatically from google maps.) In future posts in this category, I may include some of my favorite photo shots, stories and advice…

Euro, the currency used by 17 European countries, has made a record vs USD the green buck this week. It is being traded now at the rate of 1.4235$.

Wondering what is the most common value for the euro, I decided to do this small analysis. The aim is to find at which rate the euro has been traded the most in the past years. Here is my work: (more…)