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This is a self-referential post. What does this mean?

Self-referentialism is something that refers to itself. And because this post is going to talk about this subject, so it is going to talk about itself, thus it is a ‘self-referential post’ and it is by itself a first example of self-referentialism.  (more…)


Are there more seeming opposites than technology and magic?  Technology works objectively, whereas magic, based on superstition, seems to be ineffective.  The former is perceived to be rational and is associated with a scientific outlook; the latter is seen to be irrational illogical. But our expectations for technology have become magical and our use of it is increasingly irrational.  Magic in turn has acquired a rational façade even it is called sometimes the “science” of illusion.  In short, technology and magic, while separate and distinct categories in some abstract sense, are more and more related to each other. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke has even postulated a law: “Have you noticed how any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?” [1]

This is how:


I would like to talk about the “nature of self-improving artificial intelligence” and in this I mean “nature” as in “human nature”. A self-improving artificial intelligence is a system that understands its own behavior and is able to make changes to itself in order to improve itself.
An ultra-intelligent machine could design even better machines. There would then unquestionably be an intelligence explosion, and the intelligence of man would be left far behind. Thus the first ultra-intelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make.” These are very strong words! If they are even remotely true, it means that this kind of technology has the potential to dramatically change every aspect of human life and we need to think very carefully as we develop it. When could this transition happen? We don’t know for sure. (more…)