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As I opened VLC to watch a small flash video, I found this:


One of my favorite quote of Steve Jobs

Black Swan, Lake Victoria, Avon River, Stratfo...

Image by Bobolink via Flickr

Last friday, I saw the movie “Black swan” and since then I was thinking about it almost continuously.

The film is about a ballerina in a ballet company who has been chosen to lead the new production of the company: “Swan lake” which is a story about a virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a white swan. (more…)

One of my friends has created a google chrome extension that lets you listen and manage your favorite songs while browsing. No more need for opening many tabs and searching online for the perfect song to listen to or watch, its all in your Chrome browser, and its very fast.

I really encourage you to try this extension, check it here.

Today I was looking for my stats on wordpress, I have done quite well: about 2000 hits in my first month of blogging. However, I discovered that 50 views came from (DON’T VISIT THE LINK) (more…)

Scam Signature Message: My first Status was: “random post” . This was posted on [random date] (more…)

I came across an awesome blog about neuromarketing, which is “where brain science and marketing meet”.  Here’s the link to the top posts of 2010.

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